Offshore Business Registration


UAE provides options to register offshore companies for investors. An offshore company won’t have active business in UAE. They are formed generally to better manage the wealth of investors and to intelligently streamline the taxes in a legitimate way and to manage the assets. Offshore company registrations is done through a registered agent, who shall be liaising with the offshore authority on behalf of the investor.

The major offshore jurisdictions in UAE are-

  • Jebel Ali Offshore(JAFZA)
  • Ajman Offshore
  • RAKICC Offshore

Main features of offshore companies’ are-

  • Non-resident company status
  • No Tax
  • No Audit
  • No active business inside UAE
  • No Office is allowed (Office of the registered agent shall be the correspondence address)
  • Wide Choice of Business Activities
  • Can have a holding company structure for investments in other jurisdictions
  • Visas are not allowed generally

There are other offshore jurisdictions around the globe too, and we could also advise on those as well. Master Plan Corporate Services can assist setting up your offshore company.

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